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Boutique communications and PR agency in France


Valyou signs with Glam Media in new publishing agreement

Glam Media will run entertainment and fashion advertisement campaigns with the Film Industry Network for the first time.


Valyou to launch digital marketing campaign and new online brand for Studio M

The new platform will be aimed at international students in English looking to study art and design courses in France.


Valyou completes filming at the FNAC in Paris for upcoming film ‘Black Gold’

The shoot at the FNAC with film director Jean-Jacques Annaud was successfully concluded in front of a live audience.


Valyou launches consultancy project for Avago

Valyou today announces its consultation with Avago to assist the multinational business with future acquisitions.


Valyou launches new brand for 3C Service Alliance

The launch of the new 3C Service Alliance website will enable existing partners and future suppliers to connect.


Valyou provides educational curriculum in English for entrepreneurs through Schooly

The new offer is being provided exclusively through the Schooly platform, available to business leaders and employees seeking to improve their English language skills.


Valyou launches Cannes meet-ups for Film Industry Network

A networking event was launched at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival to welcome filmmakers and raise awareness of the FIN brand.

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