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Valyou provides a variety of services to brands and company founders including digital marketing, PR, training and consultancy. You can explore some previous case studies below to discover past projects in different industries and markets. If you have any questions about Valyou Services in general, please feel free to get in contact with us to find out more.

Found Valencia

Valyou worked with Found Valencia, a property developer and real estate business in Spain on a news campaign to build awareness of its unique offering in several overseas markets. Valyou conducted a market study to understand what motivated investors and analysed sentiment around Spanish property in Valencia. Following the initial study, a series of news publishers were approached, with several news articles released which raised awareness of Found Valencia, and informed investors of current market trends in Spain.

News coverage examples


  • Secured high quality B2B coverage with a targeted investor audience
  • Increased brand awareness in the UK, US and French markets
  • Met 3 key KPIs for the client

© Bert Christiaens

Next-Tech France

Valyou launched a social media campaign on Facebook for a France based specialist retailer selling LED lighting solutions to car enthusiasts. The objective was to raise awareness of the Next-Tech brand in France and international French speaking markets to improve visibility among drivers of high end cars including BMW, Mercedes, Dodge and Porsche owners. The success of the initial growth of the brand's presence on Facebook led to increased engagement with customers in several French speaking regions including Rhone Alpes, Nord-pas-de-Calais, Aquitaine, and PACA.

Following the success of the first social media campaign, Valyou was re-engaged to further expand the growth of the brand's page internationally.

Facebook Page


  • Grew the Facebook page by 3651 followers
  • Brand received 75,138 impressions with 417 content interactions
  • Met 4 key KPIs

© Samuele Errico Piccarini


Valyou launched a news campaign for online retailer Brothers4Change in multiple markets to raise awareness of their mission to make education more accessible in developing countries. Focusing coverage on the personal stories of the two founders, originally from Belgium, our team worked with news publishers to highlight how product sale proceeds would go towards good causes. Stories were released ahead of the Christmas shopping season to build momentum for several sustainable products and new popular gadgets.

News coverage examples


  • Secured high quality news coverage
  • Increased brand awareness in the UK, US and European markets
  • Met 3 KPIs

© Brothers4Change

Studio M

Valyou worked with Studio M, a private university in Montpellier, France, to develop an English language platform in order to attract international students to its various art and design courses. Following the success of its new degree programmes in France, the university wanted to understand the market demand for English language students within various 1, 2 and 3-year programmes it was offering.

We liaised with different local teams to collate materials and student success stories in order to develop a brand positioning for foreign students that aligned with Studio M's culture. Digital marketing activities were conducted over a period of 12 months to target international students. A new brand called Studio M Academy was also launched to target students outside of France. Various platforms and external channels were utilised to measure and test the effectiveness of the activities.


  • Built a platform that attained high ranking in Google search results for specific keywords
  • Received 115 qualified leads from the marketing campaign
  • Met 5 KPIs

© Andrea Piacquadio

Music Producer DJ Wekho

Valyou launched an awareness campaign for Belgian record producer DJ Wekho, securing news stories in a variety of entertainment media outlets. The objective was to promote his new dance track with Paris Hilton and MATTN to new international audiences.

After reviewing the producer’s tracks, we developed a story around his latest dance tracks and demonstrated the public appetite for his collaborations. Through music and entertainment industry publications, we secured coverage across several markets including the US, Canada, UK and France.

News coverage examples


  • Secured in-depth news features in industry publications
  • Increased profile of music in 4 international markets
  • Met 5 KPIs

© Sancover Music


Valyou’s team of experts worked with Sorare, a Paris based fantasy football company, to develop a news campaign to promote their latest digital football card offering. Having launched with 154 licensed clubs, including Liverpool FC, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, the company was looking to establish a brand presence in additional markets.

We developed a news story and social media campaign on Instagram to amplify the new cards available, encouraging fans to explore the latest limited edition football card giveaways - targeting football fans in Europe.

News coverage and social post examples


  • Secured high quality B2C coverage with a targeted football audience
  • Increased brand awareness in the UK market
  • Launched a viral Instagram campaign post

© Sorare

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