Valyou provides educational curriculum in English for entrepreneurs through Schooly

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Valyou provides educational curriculum in English for entrepreneurs through Schooly


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PARIS, France, March 31, 2010 – Valyou has launched a new educational curriculum with Schooly, a France-based educational platform, providing bespoke English training to entrepreneurs and company employees.

From today, Valyou will be integrating its unique coaching model to help business leaders and their teams learn English language skills within a business context. The training provided will be conducted digitally, with one-to-one training sessions organised at a distance throughout the year with companies and individuals looking to improve their English language skills.

Through our multilingual team, training will be provided both in French and English, empowering businesses to utilise the latest terminology and business linguistic practices across borders.

Training will also be provided for employees within technical fields, including web design, allowing them to improve their English speaking skills while working on international projects with global teams.

About Valyou

Valyou is a boutique communications agency specialising in brand storytelling. Its unique 4 pillar model integrates digital advertising, public relations, consultancy and corporate training to elevate companies in international markets.

Founded in 2007 on the French Riviera, Valyou’s mission is to build inspiring brands that transform society for the better – utilising creativity, the latest technologies, and working with the world’s best talent to empower the businesses of tomorrow.



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