Valyou launches consultancy project for Avago

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Valyou launches consultancy project for Avago


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SAN FRANCISCO, USA, May 9, 2011 – Valyou today has commenced a consultation with Avago to provide leadership teams one-on-one coaching within the Industrial Fibre Optics Division.

Avago, one of the world’s largest blue chip companies, has been a leading innovator in the technology space for the last decade, building future capabilities within the world’s growing telecommunications industry.

Valyou’s insights and unique corporate training model will be provided to management teams and senior leaders at Avago, enabling them to gain a knowledge of international mergers & acquisitions. Valyou will also provide consultancy on an ongoing basis to assist the company with future acquisitions and its international expansion, helping teams to make strategic decisions.

Within the framework of Valyou’s 4 pillar model, Avago will benefit from tailored coaching, unique workshop formats, and gain insights from some of the world’s leading minds on international business and corporate acquisitions.

About Valyou

Valyou is a boutique communications agency specialising in brand storytelling. Its unique 4 pillar model integrates digital advertising, public relations, consultancy and corporate training to elevate companies in international markets.

Founded in 2007 on the French Riviera, Valyou’s mission is to build inspiring brands that transform society for the better – utilising creativity, the latest technologies, and working with the world’s best talent to empower the businesses of tomorrow.



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