Valyou to launch digital marketing campaign and new online brand for Studio M

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Valyou to launch digital marketing campaign and new online brand for Studio M


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MONTPELLIER, France, November 30, 2011 – Valyou will begin work on a new digital campaign and educational platform from today with Studio M, a private university based in France.

For the next 12 months, Valyou will develop a bespoke digital marketing campaign as well as an educational platform to promote art and design courses to international English speaking students. This marks Studio M’s first step into building an international brand following its successful sale to a new owner in the past year.

Studio M, which currently has 4 campuses, provides undergraduate diploma and degree programmes within a variety of creative fields including art, fashion, graphic design, journalism and film production.

Valyou will launch a market study to assess the most appropriate channels for student recruitment. SEO, original content and other digital marketing strategies will be leveraged to build up Studio M’s English language brand.

As one of the world’s most visited countries, students from Europe, North America and Asia choose to study in France each year – with a large proportion of foreign applicants speaking more than one language, including English and Mandarin.

About Valyou

Valyou is a boutique communications agency specialising in brand storytelling. Its unique 4 pillar model integrates digital advertising, public relations, consultancy and corporate training to elevate companies in international markets.

Founded in 2007 on the French Riviera, Valyou’s mission is to build inspiring brands that transform society for the better – utilising creativity, the latest technologies, and working with the world’s best talent to empower the businesses of tomorrow.



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